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Timber Shutters Pty Ltd

Timber Shutters Pty Ltd was created to become an example of quality and price, we supply interior window shutters widely known as plantation shutters, PVC shutters, or Basswood shutters which are a smart and elegant covering treatment for windows and doors with additional benefits beyond aesthetic.

We can create custom made shutters that fit any window shape and size.

Our experience has taught us the importance of listening and understanding our customer’s needs, we advise customers on the type of product that will suit their home and provide excellent care and communication that is unsurpassed.

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Why Choose Us?

Its simple our company has many years of expertise, offers a high quality product at a very competitive price and has a proven track record on excellent customer service and reliability which is exactly what we can offer you!


Our installer is an outstanding in-house fitter and is able to take on any job big or small from the standard to the most difficult window shapes and sizes.


Once we finish fitting your shutters we will take away and recycle all the packaging.

After Care

We don’t expect problems, but we are there for them should you need to call us.

By the time your shutters are installed we will certainly have had few calls exchanged so you’ll be aware of how easy it is to get hold of us.

No switchboard or happy music while you are on hold as there is no holding!

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As mentioned before we have been supplying and installing shutters for a number of years and that alone tells you something about the quality and standard of our products and services, the good news is that due to the scale of our operation we have the lowest price on a like for like product and just because we we are the best doesn’t mean that we aren't competitive.


we know how happy our customers are with their shutters and in most cases they come back for more. Some customers only purchase two window coverings at the beginning and a few months later complete the home.

Our plantation shutters are made in China. We have been working with the manufacturer for over 26 years during which a mutual understanding has been built up and fundamental changes implemented to improve fixing methods, quality, and the general usability of a shutter and hardware.

Basswood Shutters NSW, PVC Shutters Wollongong, Timber Shutters Camden, Roller Blinds Oran Park Timber Shutters Oran Park, Basswood Shutters Mittagong, Roller Blinds Wollongong, PVC Shutters NSW

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Over the past years Timber Shutters Pty Ltd has maintained an excellent level of care passion and service by keeping our business model simple, we have never waivered from our original philosophy of using the highest quality product on the market for the lowest possible cost to you our customer, our customers know that we provide an unbeatable product at a reasonable cost.

Basswood Shutters Mittagong, Roller Blinds NSW, Timber Shutters Camden, PVC Shutters Denham Court


From Robert, the founder.

From small beginnings cutting shutter panels down to size with a hand saw in the old garage at home and fitting it myself the passion for shutters has helped the company develop to become a leader in the field.

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